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Digital Painting Production
Digital Painting Production

Digital Art and Me

An Art Gallery for customized original art.  There is a freedom in digital fine art that no other medium has.  I can easily customize a painting for a clients specific taste and need.  I have even worked from paint chips so that I can get the colors exact for your particular space.

Since I make my own stretcher frames from solid ash for my canvases, I can ensure they are of the highest quality.

Mostly I do my own printing which insures the colors are perfect and the quality is up to my standards.  If it is a color sensitive piece I can print a strip for you to check out at home since light makes a difference in the way a color appears.

The canvas I use is archive quality and is treated to not only resist dust but scratches and wear.

Creative Journey

After my university graduation with a degree in art, my biggest challenge was how am I going to make a living?  After a number of interesting side trips, I settled into a job where I did medical illustrations for 25 years.  That gave me the opportunity to work with digital creative programs as they evolved, constantly moving from one program to the next and one upgrade to the next.  That experience has been priceless


At this point I use several programs because they each have things that they do better than the others.  Sometimes one painting requires more than one program to achieve the results I want.  When I discovered printers that would print my work on canvas so I could then stretch it as I would any painting I was really hooked.  Mostly I do my own printing since it allows me complete control over the color and quality.  I do sometimes send things out to be printed on metal or to do a bigger size than I'm able to do.  Currently I can do 24 inches by many feet.

Commissions Gladly accepted