How is it done?

Original Digital Art is produced by using my computer and a special Wacom Tablet, along with a variety of programs.  When I am creating a new work of original digital art, I have used up to 20 photographic elements.  Sometimes I use a photograph simply for the colors that are in it, and sometimes I just paint as I would with oils or acrylics.  My tablet is pressure sensitive so it feels just like I have a brush in my hand.

An advantage to painting digitally is that there are so many brushes available;  I can determine the transparency of any stroke by percentage;  and I can change finished sizes and easily make changes to colors to suit the client.  Then there are the layers that you can build up and rearrange.  I've done some paintings with more than 25 layers. Best of all, my cat can't get into the paint and track it around!

Metal Prints

These prints can be customized for size and can even be hung in a bathroom because the humidity will not hurt them.

Bell peppers

Flat Canvas Suitable for Framing

If you choose matting and framing for a painting I can roll it up and send it to you in a tube.  It will not need glass over it because of the treatment I use on the canvas.

Lighthouse Oregon

Archive Quality Canvas Paintings that are finished in a Gallery Wrap

In a Gallery Wrap, the canvas and image wrap around a solid ash wooden frame.  They are nicely finished and ready to hang.  No glass is needed because the finish resists dust. To keep your painting looking fresh, just dust with a clean paintbrush.

Commissions, Individualized Sizing and Coloring

I have three basic sizes but if you need something different I'm happy to work with you.  Sometimes you see an image even that is horizontal and you would really like it vertical and often I can do that, depending on the image.

Create a Fantasy Portrait

This kind of portrait is one I every much enjoy doing.  Children are favorite subjects but I enjoy working with adults or young people too.

Commissions Gladly accepted

I enjoy doing personal commissions.  When I do a commission I like to send you an email image so that I know it is exactly what you want.  If you live close you are welcome to come and collaborate on the process.

All of My Art is Original

None of my paintings are photographs of original paintings.  They are done with my digital brushes, my tablet and software.